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CPR Rescue Mask - Training

CPR Rescue Mask - Training


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Specifically for the needs of EMS students, these durable non-collapsible CPR training masks offer a cost-effective solution for comprehensive CPR instruction, serving as an ideal alternative to more expensive rescue masks. Their washable design enables efficient decontamination following CDC guidelines, ensuring reusability and optimizing your training investment.

Designed to replicate the real field experience, these masks feature a soft and pliable bladder, allowing adept conformance to manikin faces. Additionally, their valve stems are universally compatible with all CPR valves, ensuring a seamless training experience. Each mask comes equipped with a disposable CPR training valve, mirroring the authentic feel and function of rescue valves used in the field.

It's essential to inspect and disinfect these CPR masks after use, replacing them when necessary to maintain hygiene standards. Please note, these masks are intended exclusively for training purposes and do not include an oxygen port.

Tailored for the specific training needs of EMS students, these masks are an invaluable resource for practical, hands-on CPR training, offering a cost-efficient, reusable, and practical solution for honing life-saving skills within emergency medical services.

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