More Than Kits

One of our missions is to help EMS educators do more teaching, not more ordering. That's why we offer a wide variety of classroom items, so you can focus on what matters most: Teaching.

One Account, All The Supplies

Gone are the days of ordering from multiple vendors.

Gone are the days of overpriced equipment.

Gone are the days of unreliable inventory.

Authorized Distributor For:

    • Bleeding Control
    • CPR Manikins
    • Low Fidelity Manikins
    • High Fidelity Manikins
    • Wound Task Trainers
    • AED
    • Patient Monitors

    • Stretchers
    • Backboards
    • First-In Bags
    • IO Supplies
    • IV Supplies
    • Oxygen Supplies
    • Gloves

& Much More

Frequently Asked Questions

We really have a hard time buying from multiple vendors, can we buy everything from you?

The short answer is almost everything! Our catalog contains thousands of SKU's- but it certainly is not everything. Most of the time we are able to supply programs with 90-95% of their materials.

How easy or hard is it to get ahold of someone?

Very Easy! You will have a dedicated account manager who you can call/email anytime. If you need to speak with someone immediately and your account manager is unavailable, you can call (844) 800-8740 option 2 to speak with any available wholesale team member.

How long is your lead time?

Most orders dispatch within one week.

How do I setup an account?

In order to setup an account, there are 3 steps.

1) We will schedule a Discovery Call with you to learn about your needs and ensure we are a good kit.

2) We will send new account paperwork to complete.

3) You will have an onboarding call with your account manager who will show you our online portal, and answer any questions you may have.

Do you offer any volume discounts?

Sometimes! Each items vary, but anytime you need to order a large quantity of a particular item, you can request a quote from your account manager to see if any discounts are available

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