Our Story


Our mission is simple: Help the next generation of first responders be “prepared to save lives”. Founded by first responders, for first responders, we are on a mission to transform EMS education.

Our journey began with the recognition of a significant gap in EMS education. When we went through our training, we were given a list of supplies to obtain, but no single source solution for obtaining all the necessary equipment. This frustration sparked the idea of an all-in-one kit, and MedTech was born.

In the early days, we offered a pre-built kit to schools, but we soon realized that each school had unique needs and many wanted to customize their kit. This prompted a quick pivot towards offering what we now call Custom Clinical Kits. We tailored our product line to allow schools to build kits that precisely matched their students' requirements. In time, we evolved into a one-stop shop for EMS programs, serving as a distributor for multiple manufacturers and now offering wholesale pricing on a wide range of medical items for the classroom.

Our primary focus is on EMS students, although similar programs, like nursing,  have come to us for the same solutions. We are driven by a passion for enhancing EMS education, providing Custom Clinical Kits, and becoming the go-to solution for program directors. This not only saves them time but also significantly reduces their expenses.

Our success is measured by the over 100 schools that regularly purchase from us, from Florida to California, including institutions like Seminole State College, North Seattle College, South Plains College, Georgia Piedmont Technical College, and many others. These partnerships exemplify our commitment to enhancing EMS education nationwide.

Our core values are deeply ingrained in the first responder ethos. We prioritize others before ourselves, ensuring the highest level of customer service and support to the EMS community. Our commitment to these values drives our mission of preparedness and excellence in saving lives.