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With our program-focused conversations, we learn about who you are, how you operate, and what you need, to help provide your school and students with high-quality equipment.

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We've made our process easy and efficient. In 3 simple steps you can have a Custom Clinical Kit in your program:

Trusted By EMS Programs Across the Country

  • "We have recently made the switch to MedTech from our previous "big box" supplier and we couldn't be happier. Our rep (LJ) has been with us every step of the way and has already improved student outcomes while reducing costs dramatically for our program. Superior equipment, premium customer-support, and a company of real professionals make MedTech our choice for EMT students. We are customers for life!" - Justin O., EMT Instructor
  • "I definitely recommend MedTech for their dependable EMT clinical kits and backpacks. As a program director, it's crucial to provide our students with reliable equipment, and MedTech consistently meets our expectations. Their exceptional service, including timely deliveries and ease of collaboration, has been a valuable asset to our program." - Nicholas L., Director of EMS Education
  • "We first contacted MedTech in order to provide a kit of equipment that would help ensure that the students would have the tools necessary for the classroom, laboratory, and clinical settings. MedTech, having past experience in EMS and EMS education, was extremely knowledgeable about the needs of educational institutions and made recommendations to improve the kits that were not previously considered. Not only do the students in our program have the necessary resources, but they can also advertise our program’s brand as they carry the branded backpacks to various clinical and field settings. We have been so pleased with the responsiveness of the organization’s representatives and the pricing that we are currently moving away from the larger chain suppliers and looking to MedTech to purchase lab supplies. MedTech’s customer service, timely turnaround time, attention to detail, and competitive pricing are hard to beat, and we look forward to working with them in the foreseeable future." - Jacob B., Program Director
  • "My students and instructors like them very much. The bookstore sold out of them."
  • "The quality of the equipment and the backpack work well for us. we improved on our previous kits for only a small dollar amount more."
  • "MedTech helped select items that would be beneficial to our students and worked with the bookstore to have kits available. This is equipment students will need and they can get it all in one kit."
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Frequently Asked Questions

What items can I put in a kit?

The short answer is almost anything! We carry a constant stock of the most popular items- think stethoscopes and penlights. However, we are able to source a vast array of equipment, all you need to do is ask!

Can I put our school logo on anything?

Yes! We offer customization on our backpacks, safety vests, uniforms, and more!

How long is your lead time?

We typically have a one-week lead time, which includes backpack customization. If there is no backpack customization that time may be shorter. Shipping time is not included and is dependent on where in the country you are located. We ship exclusively with UPS.

How do I get a kit to my students?

We can work directly with you to get these kits through your program. When this is not possible, the bookstore could be leveraged as a resource to carry the kits, whether a required or optional material. We also can make a custom URL on our website with your kit, allowing us to ship it directly to students.

What does the cost of a Custom Clinical Kit include?

Our wholesale cost to you includes the items, backpack customization, kitting, and shipping. Kitting is the packing of all the items either in a backpack or individual boxes if a backpack is not chosen.

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